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Originally Posted by Pichu02 View Post
I like the name Chespin a lot. I think it really matches Chespin's figure. Fennekin also sounds good. I think Froakie is my least favorite name. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just think it could be better. By the way, how do you pronounce Xerneas and Yvetal?
Xerneas would be pronounced as "ZURR-nee-us" and Yveltal would be "ee-VELL-tall." It took me a little time to catch on to them, but I got adjusted to their names in good time.

I think each of the starters have names that roll off the tongue quite easily. It just feels natural saying them aloud. I hope the same will apply for a majority of the Gen VI Pokémon. It makes them easier to remember. Some of the Gen V Pokémon have such odd names, I still haven't memorized them all.
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