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    ^ Well then get caught up, dang it. ;p

    Manga 698
    The island the Caribou washed up on reminds me of Karakuri Island (Were Franky landed, and stayed during the time skip).

    So the gas only creates an outer shell around people at first, to paralyze them.
    If left alone long enough, the victims will eventually die of poisoning.
    But if you can get to them soon enough, they can be treated and saved, nice.

    Oh crap, Doflamigo has arrived on Punk Hazard...
    And he's not happy at all.
    Would have been nice to see a more even fight between Smoker and Joker.

    Franky's hair style in this chapter is horrible.... >.<

    Chopper and his interaction with Caesar was pretty funny. :p

    Hmm, so it seems that Kinemon and Momonosuke will be sticking around for a little while longer, yay. :D
    I wonder who is imprisoned friend is, and if they have any powers too.

    Oh noes, don't die Smoker! D:
    DAT ENDING! What the hell is Kuzan doing there?!
    I guess that silhouette a few chapters back probably was him.
    I feel better now that Kuzan is going to save Smoker! :D