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    Raven- Glad you're liking it!

    Seraph- Oh, my. Well, the disobedience thing was supposed to discourage people from solo-running thing, because it's pretty inherent to the nature of Pokemon that if you only really use one, it becomes unstoppable. I think that comes with the nature of Pokemon games as a whole... Hrm. Is there a reason you only feel like using your Blaziken? Or is that just how you prefer to play?

    Grunkle/Donut- I'm dumb. Sorry. I don't know how that slipped by me. I'll reupload the game when I get home, but here's a patch in the meantime.
    Copy that file into the Data folder, overwriting.

    Patchisou- Appreciate the thought, but I don't see a typo there. c: Julia makes up, doubles, expands, and sillifies words all the time. The 'gymgym' thing is intention, assuming that's what you're referring to.
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