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Greetings Naturalles !
Welcome to the forum and already you've met some of the members here !
Many are across the globe and there a varied amount of members within the United Kingdom that are active on the forum, so you're not alone !

If you're looking for any particular Pokemon such as a shiny Pachi then you can check out our trade section !

I was a huge fan of Pachi due to a Pokemon TCG deck known as ZPST:Zekrom,Pachirisu,Shaymin, Tornadus !
Look how cute this little guy is:

The concept was putting energy from pachi, then using shaymin to move the energy onto your attacker for fast damage !

My first Pokemon game was blue on my old grey gameboy !
Oh the memories. I'm also a fan of FPS ! I mainly have become more of a PC gamer, but I still own a 360 to play some shooters on !

I wish you the best of luck with your quest and if you have any questions please feel free to ask myself or fellow members !
Enjoy your stay ^_^
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