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I think it's a mix between creative minds blending together to create something bigger and something that can appeal to a wider audience of listeners that will sell. However, a lot of the time, it seems like artists today aren't really collaborating very much outside of a certain bubble. By that I mean many popular artists are just mixing music with the same people: Calvin Harris, David Guetta,, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, etc. There isn't a lot of variety between who's collaborating with who and that makes the music scene seem a bit boring in my opinion ─ despite the fact that some of these songs are pretty catchy.

One of my biggest pet peeves today, however, are those who think they need to collab with another artist (specifically a hip-hop artist or rapper) just to give their song a twist. Half the time it just ruins the flow a perfectly good song. A perfect example of this would be "Hanging On" by Ellie Goulding. The edited version without Tinie Tempah's collaboration is so much better.

Other than that, I really don't mind seeing music artists collaborating with other artists. I actually prefer it sometimes. In some cases it can really help to diversify a song that may just seem too one note. I would, however, prefer to see more popular names working with other artists and bands that aren't as highly recognized by the public, but create music that's better than a majority of what you'll find on the Top 40.

Two artists I'd like to see work on a song together are Rihanna and Sia. I think the two of them together could come up with something really great. I just have that feeling whenever I think about it..
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