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    This is a funny thing I lately come across at fanfictions. Professor Pokémon gets visited by three kids and they have to choose their first Pokémon. In most cases Kid A takes Squirtle, Kid 2 takes Charmander and Kid III takes Bulbasaur. They walk out and have a happy ever after, but it also happens that Kid A wants Squirtle, Kid 2 wants Squirtle and guess what Kid III also wants a Squirtle. Problem is Professor Oak has only one Squirtle. The kids fight over Squirtle and Professor Tree watches in surprise.

    But what I dare to ask is why Professor Oak never gets the idea to catch more Squirtle, or to breed them. I mean he's obviously a thousand years old, but he still don't get why he shouldn't stay with one specimen per species. Am I the only one who sees this problem with both the anime and fanfics?

    I'm not trying to play the arrogant old guy here, I'm just asking...
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