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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Then it would be an entire new game.

I was thinking this. So best case scenario is we either get a new fully fleshed out separate game with an old region or we get a half assed region dlc for our Pokemon XY games.

Having said that, I would be more interested in putting my money forward for a game which added a full region experience to an existing game rather than a new separate title. Firstly it means only having one cartridge but secondly I just think it's more interesting to add to an existing world then create a completely separate world. I mean what's really the point of having your Pokemon XY region over here and your Hoenn remake over here and not be able to just move between both of them?

I figure it probably won't be until the 7th or 8th gen until they get brave enough to start having dlc regions though.
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