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I was a member of the previous HS club, and I'm rejoining now:
==> Username: I like Pokemon (...)
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: I really can't decide! I usually go with whichever balances out the numbers, or if I'm a hero of Time (Derse dreamer) or hero of Mind (Prospit dreamer). For now... I'll go with Derse.
==> How far have you read: Completely up to date
==> Answer current topic: My favourite flash (excluding Cascade)... Hard to say. I really like Openbound, Myststuck and some of the trickster flashes for really making homestuck such an interactive piece of work... In terms of plot and music, I really like Prince of Heart: Rise up, Descend
and Caliborn: Enter as some of the big plot-pushing flashes off of the top of my head.

Can't wait for the 4x God Tier combo :p
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