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    Geez, this thread is such a depressing read at times; I feel so bad for all of these Shiny Pokemon mishaps, as well as Trainers who have never even seen/encountered a Shiny Pokemon.

    Originally Posted by Dragonmage View Post
    The ONLY shiny pokemon I've ever seen in the wild is a Ralts. Do you want to know where? It was the one Wally caught in Emerald. You heard me. I had to fight a shiny Gardevoir the rest of the game. I wanted to cry when I saw that thing.
    What's your worst experience with a shiny Pokemon?
    Just for the record, I challenge anyone to come up with anything worse than what happened to me. Hahahaha.
    Wow; that's so sad...I take it that you don't rebattle him, even for the experience?

    Originally Posted by johnny18 View Post
    My worst shiny experience is when I met a shiny Stantler. I was RNG abused the two roamers Raikou and Entei. I'm about to RNG a Latios, then this shiny stantler comes up. Seriously, right after I caught my RNGed Raikou just to test if i get it right . I ended up catching both raikou and entei and could not rng my latios at all since if I want to RNG it, i need both raikou and entei.
    Yikes. :<

    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    It was a shiny Hoothoot in Eterna Forest in Platinum, but I was with that girl with the Chansey so two wild Pokémon appeared at the same time. Stupid girl KOed the Pokémon I attacked, and my Pokémon attacked the Hoothoot instead, killing it.
    Originally Posted by LyokoGirl5000 View Post
    On Iron Island with the guy I'm supposed to help. His Pokemon knocked out a shiny Graveler. I was so mad!
    I'm guessing you two are referring to Stat Trainers..? These guys seem to be ruining a lot of people's shiny Pokemon experiences... XD

    Originally Posted by obiwan362 View Post
    I wish I could remember the generation (I think it was II) or the Pokemon, but the first shiny I saw I didn't know what was going on. It was a weak Pokemon that I had already caught for my Pokedex. Since I didn't realize what a shiny Pokemon was...I just killed it and took the experience. You can imagine how I felt when I realized what a shiny was.
    Aww D:

    Originally Posted by Corvidae View Post
    Pokemon Diamond - Chain of 54 Abras.



    Originally Posted by Chaos Fork View Post
    Shiny rabuta berry...I mean basculin
    Wild basculin used final gambit!

    I'm always worried about the day coming where I find a shiny Pokemon that has an easy way to flee or self-inflict the Faint status, most notably in the Safari Zone or something. >.<

    Originally Posted by ChocolateCrunch View Post
    Worst shiny experience: My rival had a shiny Oshawott (Hugh) so I restarted my game. He then had another shiny Snivy this time. It was so annoying, why couldn't I get a shiny?!

    As for me, I'm grateful to have at least encountered multiple Shiny Pokemon, and catching my first one, at that. However, my worst shiny experience is probably losing every single shiny Pokemon I've owned, TWICE (or possibly even THRICE, since I've lost 2 cartidges and 1 save file). The first instance is when I lost my Sapphire cartridge, which contained my first Shiny Pokemon ever, a shiny Golbat (from Meteor Falls, IIRC). I lost a second Sapphire cartridge as well, but I can't remember whether any shiny Pokemon were there, too. I know for a fact that I've had a shiny Golbat on one of the two Sapphire cartridges, though.

    The second (or maybe third) instance is when my Emerald save file got deleted (from what I can tell, this was purely due to the cartridge accidentally jiggling/joggling while I was saving right before a Secret Base battle; no cheating devices have been used on the Emerald cartridge). If memory serves correctly, I had a shiny Fearow (traded over from FireRed and a shiny Surskit (which I hatched in Emerald). Instead of recovering the previous save file, the game goes and tells me "The save file has been deleted due to corruption or damage.", at which point I basically cried. In my current Emerald save file, I have a Shiny Whismur from Desert Underpass (which is the only Shiny Pokemon I currently own/can prove the existence of, for now), so I guess that's something. :/

    My other "worst Shiny experience" is encountering a foe Shiny Kingdra in Hoenn's Battle Tower, encountering a foe Shiny Ampharos in Hoenn's Battle Factory (which I owned for a while when I swapped for it ), and being offered a Shiny Charmeleon at the start of a Hoenn Battle Factory run (which I selected, of course). The reason these are bad Shiny experiences is because I can't outright own the Pokemon in question...the Battle Factory examples are probably worse, since I get teased with the Pokemon and can only own them for up to seven battles. XD T_T

    Other than the above, I'm constantly paranoid of encountering a Shiny Pokemon (shiny starter Pokemon, Birch's foe Poochyena, Wally's Ralts, etc.) whenever I temporarily start a new game/save file. I grapple with the question of whether or not I would consider restarting my 900+-hour save file just for a shiny Pokemon (most likely, it would have to be 2 Shiny Pokemon, or a Shiny Pokemon I like more than Shiny Whismur). The stories I'm reading in this thread aren't helping matters any. XD
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