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    Should we use fakemon?

    I'm split on this. Fakemon do turn a lot of people away from hacks, but then again, so do other things, like missing certain real pokemon, graphics, gameplay features, etc. I agree that if they were to be implemented they would need to blend in with the others. But with the fantastic artists we will undoubtedly have working on sprites, this hack could definitely pull off fakemon. For that matter, a handful of fakemon could be central to the story. Newly discovered/created mons...blah blah blah...

    Also, fakemon would allow us/players to explore new type combinations and possibly other features, which is appealing to me. For example, in my own hack I have 11 fakemon, 9 of which are in starter lines. I created the starter triangle electric/ghost, ground/dark, fighting/flying. The other two are bug/dark and fire/grass. Of course that could also be accomplished by changing the typings/stats on already-created pokemon, which is something else we need to discuss eventually.

    Should we use gen4/5 pokes?

    I think so, though to what extent is largely dependent on the 649 patch or similar changes. There are enough duplicates between gens that to not change the dex at all seems a waste to me. For example, do you really need pidgey, spearow, hoothoot, tailow, starly, and pidove lines? How about rattata, sentret, zigzagoon, bidoof? Or pikachu, plusle/minum, pachirisu, and emolga?

    If we use the 386 slots then most of those can be discarded. If we use the 649, then we could still discard a few if we wanted to use fakemon...
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