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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all the support so far, in reference to a few of the questions.

    BTW did you edit all of Firered maps?
    Just wondering cuz that'd be awesome, replaying the Kanto region in this style on the GBA
    I have not currently edited all the Kanto maps, however I will in the future. At this stage there are a few cities I haven't planned to implement (Cinnabar Island, Pewter City, Pallet Town, etc.) To compensate, I will include cities and routes in Johto such as Goldenrod City, and Mahogany Town, the main areas where Team Rocket stirs up trouble.

    Looks great man! You're working alone in this hack?
    Yes I am currently working alone in this hack, I've consulted a few friends in regards to glitches, but I'm doing all the work. I am open to accept help once I need it (probably ASM work, and bug fixing).