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    Originally Posted by VERGUNDAI View Post
    Wow, restarting DarkViolet?

    I've remember your beta on this, but I thought you gave up on it.

    Well, i was thinking about making a Firered and Leafgreen remakes, but tons of people are trying so hard to accomplish it. Then in the end everyone who tries to remake it fails.

    Firered and Leafgreen remakes are my side-works because they are all ready easy to edit.

    It you need help, I'll be availble for scripting only. (BTW why not use a HGSS Rom?) but I like your idea, lets try to see HGSS Maps in different 3D Angles.
    No, I am not restarting DarkViolet. DarkViolet is still a GBA game, and it will remain that way for the time being. Me messing around with 4th Gen maps is just a "what if" kind of thing. Ideally, I would like DarkViolet to be a 4th Gen hack, or even a 5th Gen hack, but then it would never get completed.

    DarkViolet will be finished as a FireRed hack, but that doesn't mean I won't work on a DS version afterwords (lol then it would be a remake of a remake), or even work on it secretly alongside the GBA one.

    For the the time being, I will continue to experiment with DS hacking, but I won't tackle it full-on until DarkViolet on GBA is finished.

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