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    I usually ran on samurott, pansear (can't get good fire tms till post game ) excadrill and zebstrika. Now post game and having completed most things, it's
    Samurott (Wottle) 77M
    -aqua tail
    -ice beam
    Haxorus (Galavey) 66F
    -shadow claw
    -rock slide
    Bisharp (Sephen) 69F
    -low sweep
    -iron head
    -night slash
    Beheeyem (Crybellum) 63F
    -shadow ball
    -energy ball
    Emolga (Jilsey) 39F
    -shock wave
    -electro ball
    Litwick (Embool) 37M
    -flame burst
    -solar beam
    -shadow ball

    These r the final members but they'll be leveled up more and of course litwick will be evolved. Most of mine r sweepers lol. And emolga and litwick's move sets aren't final either lol
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