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    I'll do some I like too and some I don't lol

    Serperior- I love the elegance of it. Reminds me of dragonair, whom I've always thought was the most beautiful Pokemon :D

    Emboar- love the name and love to watch his beard of fire

    Dewott- love his whiskers, they add a lot i think and he looks like he's wearing shorts with shells for weapons lol

    Samurott- his helmet rules. It's perfect protection and a weapon. And his mustache and beard make him look wise and weathered without looking old.

    Zebstrika- love the threatening appearance of its stripes and mane

    Gigalith- kind or reminds me of what I liked about metagross. Threatening four legged walker hewn from unnatural material. I want the shiny so bad lol

    Scolipede- I'm fascinated by this because centipedes are my worst fear. But I'd love to watch one of these in battle. Watching all of those legs go to work and the quick slithering movements... Captivating!

    Whimsicott- some mentioned this but I agree. It's so adorable and fluffy!!! Little stubby arms and legs make it more so lol

    Krookodile- love this guys animations. It's perfectly crocodilian and Pokemon at the same time and simple yet powerful. Feraligatr was a perfectly complex crocodilian on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Dweble- I like crustaceans. And this guy is too cute and very Clever I think

    Tirtouga&carracosta- nice representations of sea turtles. Like the armored look. Just a powerful appearance in more than one way.

    Emolga- omg the cuteness lol I don't find many of the electric or water rodents cute but wow and the glider aspect is awesome.

    Escavalier- it's a snail and roman helmet. It's lances. Looks like its ready to charge full speed lances raised into its foes. Very dangerous.

    Galvantula- nice coloring and perfect for an electric spider. It's furry so it's different enough from ariados who I also love that I'd put them both on a bug team.

    Eelectross- I like the colors and serpentine body. And the arms and fins make it have a predatory element. Like all those claws and teeth are ready to sink in and shock anything

    Axew- soooook cuuuuut it is like a puppy lol. I think fraxure looks like an airplane though xD fans are much too big. Haxorus is perfectly nice by resembling a dragon yet not too much so it's still unique from other dragons

    Cubchoo- another cute one lol I want to snuggle it xD just have to give it some mucinex lol

    Druddigon- I agree he's a bit childish and reminds me of what happened when I tried to use that crayon melting thing as a child xD but idk hes his own thing and I like the very rough spiky skin

    Bisharp- I picked her for my team almost entirely because of her appearance. I like blades and spikes if u haven't noticed lol. I love the cleverness of its animations. Like its ordering other pawniard to attack like its pokedex entry. Or when a foe faints like its saying you're done. Muahahahaha

    Braviary- an incredible design that I wish had its own signature move but nonetheless it's very Americanized and patriotic, perfect for an America based region

    Terrakion- I like how it's so strong and noble looking. Something I'd ride. Just the horns really give it a nice defensive look

    Yeah really the only design I strongly hate is simipour. I don't like monkeys and hate the hairdo and waving lol
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