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    Kitkat- Hmhmhm. Emolga really likes gliding between buildings, but on windy days, the gusts mess up its usual flight pattern. That's your chance to snag it!

    Lucario- Erp, that slow processor thing. So you can't move at all, but aren't cycling through the crashing battle? That would be new.
    If that's so... I'll tell you what, see if you can upload the save file somewhere, and PM me the link. If I can fix that for you, I'll just send it back to you saved in somewhere that doesn't freeze.
    If it is doing the usual freeze-save-crash-load-reneter battle-freeze again loop... Usually that's when somebody is using Animated Sprites and their computer can't keep up. If that's the case, try switching to the static sprites.

    Oh! I also made a page showing which Pokemon are in the game so far. I edited the first post with it, but you can check it out here!
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