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    By: Xatoku & Skatter

    Pokémon Generations is an Action/Adventure game being developed by myself and a friend. The goal is to take the basics from the handheld games along with the world depicted in the anime, and combine it into one fully fleshed out Pokémon experience.

    My friend is helping out by managing a forum specifically for the game, as well as gathering assets such as sounds, references, etc. I'm handling the actual development side such as modeling, animating, texturing, scripting, and whatnot. It's safe to say the bulk of the development is on me, so updates are naturally going to be released at a slow pace, but we have managed to pull a demo together which you can download below.

    At the moment, you can select a trainer between Red and Blue, and a Pokémon between Pikachu and Charmander. You can play in Single Player and test out the mechanics on the dummies, or you can start/connect to a server and play online with friends.

    Right now the environment is just a small area, but as we progress we plan to go through all of Kanto / Johto and tell a story that bridges the gaps between RBY and GSC. It's a big job, but we've made it this far in about two months, so once all of the core assets are in place it should start to take off exponentially.

    As I said before, the game is focusing heavily on anime and handheld Pokémon elements in an attempt to combine them. With that, you'll notice obvious things like the Pokéball effects and the overall art style, but the plan is to make a world of Pokémon that you can interact with, see in their natural habitats, etc. Not in an MMO fashion mind you, but in a world that's open enough for exploration, yet still segmented and structured sort of linearly. With this also comes things like traveling with other trainers, cooperative gameplay, loads of stuff.

    Our plan is to launch releases as we progress through building Kanto / Johto, and then come back and add the story either afterwards or somewhere in the middle. Ideally when we know we aren't going to be making changes as often as these early stages, we'll begin assembling the story elements.

    Apart from all that, I can't talk about what we have in mind too much as they're just hollow words, so I'll leave you guys with the download link so you can try it out for yourselves.

    Please drop any suggestions / ideas you have below as I'd love to hear them. It's hardly even a game at this point, but we're moving along at a nice pace, so I'll be reading all ideas and almost always taking them into account during development.