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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
This sounds interesting, but can you show an example? =[
I'll do one to give you an example :) First I went through and made sure I had one of each type, then I went back and added some extras to fill it out. Also made an effort to diversify generations, no idea if I succeeded or not. I also based some on my favorites, but some on what I think is necessary in a Pokedex, like a Normal/Flying and a few legendaries, and some weak vs. some strong. Edited to put in some kind of generic order and figure out how many Pokemon overall are in my Pokedex!

Torchic line: One of the best starter lines - starts out adorable, ends up badass.
Squirtle line: Gotta have a water starter in here, and this was my very first Pokemon ever. Great memories with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle.
Turtwig line: I always thought that this was the coolest grass starter in the games. I love the way it ends up with the trees on its back!
Rufflet line: Big fan of this line's design, and very powerful. Just overall one of the best Normal/Flying types there are overall I think.
Oddish line: I've always loved Oddish from Hey You Pikachu and Vileplume from Pokemon Snap, and Bellossom is just an overall adorable Pokemon. Great line imo.
Kricketot line: When I stopped playing Pearl and then went back to it, the only Pokemon I remember having was a Kricketune named Fu. I must have loved him.
Mareep line: This one is just a fan favorite, and I love it just as much. Mareep is one of my favorite Pokemon names of all time.
Vanillite line: You will love this line. I will make sure of it. You will never mock it again.
Zubat line: What kind of Pokedex is complete without a Zubat in it? Plus Crobat is just awesome as a Pokemon.
Feebas line: Everyone should have the experience of having a weak, ugly Pokemon evolve into something as amazing as Milotic.
Grimer line: GRIMERRR
Heracross: Just cool. Maybe not the best Pokemon until higher levels, but always cool. Kind of like the dog of bug-types - friendly, loyal.
Tyrogue line: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are both really cool (Hitmontop is eh though). I also like the way they evolve, and their designs.
Sandile line: Just a really cool line, design-wise. And Krookodile wears sunglasses in the anime!!
Litwick line: Gotta love the ultra-powerful line. Starts out so cute, ends up so gracefully powerful.
Eevee line: If I could, I would even add more evolutions. Wanted to wait to add this until I was sure I had all other types; didn't really feel right crossing off all those types because I added an Eevee, haha.
Joltik line: How can you not love Joltik?!
Ralts line: The evolution branch on this line is really interesting to me, and both Gallade and Gardevoir are cool, powerful Pokemon.
Riolu line: Cute > badass. Can't get over how great that transition is in some Pokemon.
Spheal line: Just because this was my favorite before Gen V.
Scyther line: If only for Scizor, this line is really cool. Anyone remember how hard it was to get a good Scyther picture in Snap?
Shuckle: Cute and a surprisingly powerful Pokemon when you learn to use his gimmick right.
Shuppet line: Not very powerful I don't think, but the design of Banette is really amazing.
Larvitar line: Another one that's a favorite of many people. Just too powerful and cool to not include.
Larvesta line: Obvious one here. My favorite Pokemon ever.
Beldum line: My boyfriend's complete favorite and a pretty cool Pokemon. Strong too!
Mew: One of my favorite Pokemon. I didn't want to pick any legendaries because no evolution lines for them and therefore less Pokemon, but I just love Mew.
Dratini line: This line will forever be a classic. I kind of wish Dragonite was more like the other two, but it's still powerful and a great line.
Suicune: My favorite of the legendary beasts. Super cool, and walks on water in Pokemon Ranger!
Meloetta: I know a lot of people hate this Pokemon, but I think it's excellent. Adorable and a great portrayal of the spirit of music.

Total Pokemon: 79

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