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    For me, the idea of giving both the hero and the rival, and possibly the friendly rival, the same Pokemon, or having two of them have the same starter is just a bit...boring.

    I mean, look at Ash/Richie. Both have a Pikachu, both have an evolutionary form of Charmander and both have/had a Butterfree. Watching the battle unfold between Ash and Richie was pitifully boring because both sides had the same Pokemon!

    Giving diversity to your story's main characters is key, and that shows in their Pokemon just as much as in their personalities and appearances. Giving each main character a starter that has an advantage/disadvantage against the others allows the writer to develop a serious sense of tension when the main characters battle one another.

    To me, it'd be more entertaining and fulfilling to read about how Red's Venusaur defeated Green's Charizard in a well-described battle as compared to how Red and Green's Charizards duked it out until the stronger one won.

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