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    Name: Alistar Callan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20

    Appearance: Alistar's looks are those of a much younger boy. He is freckled and tan from many hours outside. His wide green eyes, snubbed nose and thick mop of bright red curls add to his innocent look. He is short, coming in at 5'3 and looks like the wind could blow him over. Yet underneath his clothes is compact muscle that proves he can wield the broad battle axe he carries.
    Being a thief and vagabond, his clothing is never really consistent. He generally stays with greens and browns. He loves hooded cloaks and usually snatches one up, the only consistent thing is his pair of leather boots.

    Alistar is insatiably curious; always touching, poking or prodding. He particularly likes shiny things and will pocket most of what he can get his hands on. He also loves collecting secrets and listens in on the gossip wherever he goes.

    He is too confident by half which sometimes leads him to trouble that most of the time his quick wit and charm get him out of, other times not so much. He is easy going and friendly with a mischievous streak a mile wide. His laid back nature is seemingly at odds with the glee that he wields his axe and the vindictiveness towards those he does not like.

    History: Alistar was the apple of his village, Ardon, and a terror to his parents. He was always bothering the the travelers that came through the village. Begging a story here, pocketing a trinket there; his cute looks letting him get away with almost all.

    As he grew older, he began to set his sites on the ladies. Practicing his charm which lead to many unhappy fathers and sticky situations. At age eighteen he decided to leave his small village to see the land, leaving behind parents that would miss him dearly but were all too eager for some piece and quiet.

    Alistar and Cecil met while Alistar was traveling through the Oldkin desert. Alistar unknowingly shot Cecil's prey right out from beneath his nose. Cecil was not happy to say the least and tracked Alistar down, intending to kill him. When Cecil found Alistar, he discovered the signs of a bond between them. Knowing he could not kill the human now but still annoyed broke Alistar's bow into tiny pieces and dragged the human back to his pride.
    Poor Alistar's experience was this dragonne suddenly appearing, snapping his bow and dragging him off. Not to mention the overwhelming rush of emotions that paralyzed him.
    Since then Alistar and Cecil have been traveling together. Cecil does the hunting.

    Occupation: Thief and vagabond

    Spells known:
    Trust in me- Subtly influences feelings of trust in target. Can influence a max of three targets at a time. With the inclusion of each target, the less intense the feeling.

    Open Sesame- Allows him to open any lock except for enchanted ones

    Shadow Sneak- He can slip in shadows for a short burst of time as it drains his magic quickly.

    Puppet Master- Can create clone of himself and control a clone of himself. Clone only lasts five minutes and will disappear if struck. Uses all of his magic to create.
    Dragon Species: Dragonne
    Name: Cecil
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adolescent
    Description: Cecil is 4tf, from foot to shoulder, tall and roughly 6ft long.He is streamlined with a powerful legs meant for running and broad wings. He is a rusty brown with sharp scales Alsitar has cut himself on many times. The scales running down his neck that form a sort of mane are a bright blond in color.

    Personality: Cecil is a proud and throughly sarcastic being. He is a touch lazy and takes much prodding to do something he has no vested interest in. He is quick to annoy and quicker to anger, he doesn't suffer insult lightly. He delights in fighting and is always spoiling for one. His relationship with Alsitar is vitrolic, each delighting in the other's misfortune. When push comes to shove he will protect Alistar fiercly. Only he is allowed to harm his human.

    RP Sample
    Alistar flew threw the village, wet curls plastered to his face;tugging on a pair of pants he snagged on the way out. His substitute was still back at the inn and he hoped to be gone before it disappeared.

    How was he suppose to know the necklace he borrowed would be missed so soon? The silvered gleaned in the sun, it had been calling to him and the old woman wouldn’t appreciate it like he would.

    Skidding to a stop inside the clearing where Cecil was staying, Alistar sank down to the soft grass in relief. He was probably safe now but he didn’t relish the thought of getting caught. He had been thrown in a cell before and even the tiniest of places had somewhere to throw undesirables. One time it was a sturdy tree towards the center of town. He was tied there for three days before Cecil bothered to look for him. The dragon had insufferable.

    Alistar rolled to his feet with a sigh. He walked around looking for something to wake Cecil with, preferably a nice rock
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