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    A few days ago while arguing with people on Pokémemes I realized something.

    Long story short, I as always, was trying to tell people that RSE remakes were never properly announced, and with Ruby and Sapphire being compatible by proxy with the current Gen (plus, being at the very beginning of the Pokémon timeline, thus not really contemporary with the current Gen, as was the case with the other remakes) , they aren't as likely to happen as people think... basically the same theory I've expressed a few pages back on this very topic. In addition to some funny backlash, I mostly got two valid counter-arguments:
    • The DS/DS Lite is a fragile machine, so the Gen 3 => Gen 4 compatibility is not long for this world.
    • Game Freak is a company. Whatever is profitable, they'll do.

    And then, another user, in passing, mentioned another possibility of an RSE re-release. And I though that that would take care of both problems neatly, bring roughly the same profit (because there's much, much less expenses involved) and give Game Freak more time to develop new things. Plus, it wasn't possible when remakes of the first two Gens were released, so I can imagine them switching to this now that they can. So, here goes:

    What if the RSE re-release we'll get... is a 3DS Virtual Console release, patched to be compatible with the current games and with trades via Wi-Fi?