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    first off, i really miss my poketch and want it back! i don't care if i can get the unicorn pokemon picture on my c gear, i just wanna know how many steps i took and when an egg is in the daycare!

    some contests like in the anime would be nice with move combinations and whatnot.

    i really want some more event areas. like with mew, shaymin and darkria where you get to go catch them rather then get them from a delivery man.

    i realize this may be impossible but maybe make it so events can't easily be discovered before they're announced by nintendo or gamefreak. back when mew was discovered everyone was so surprised, nowdays when they say a new pokemon is coming out, everyones all like, "oh, i guess keldeo is being given out."
    maybe make it so the pokemon aren't even in the cards data but have room to have a few more custom pokemon entrys on the card. just let every one download the data, and make the gts let that new pokemon in to avoid people making their own pokemon to trade over gts.

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