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Lucy listened to what Mako had to say, but it wasn't relevant to what she was about to ask. She glanced at Bay when he approached and just sort of took that in too. Hmph. Bunch of softies. How did they expect to live if they were so willing to trust some /lunatic/ that decided attacking a group full of Pokemon Spirit Wielders was a great idea? Just then the awful sensation of white hot flames inside her belly hit her and her eyes narrowed, her expression becoming rather deadpan.

She actually seemed like she might throw up! Rather than that though, she raised a hand to her mouth and just sort emitted a rather ragged cough, simultaneously coughing up a small fireball that dissipated rather quickly after scalding her fingers, two smaller jets of flame totally coming out of her nostrils. She shook the mildly burnt hand briefly and shuddered, a grimace on her face. Perhaps she had predicted his course of action incorrectly. She immediately used amnesia in anticipation of further resistance from her captive.

"Nnn... don't worry about /him/." she explained to the two males. "I think he's settling down, anyway." she continued after a moment, glancing down at her stomach. She coughed again and a bit of smoke came out. Without having boosted her non-physical defenses that had been an at least somewhat unpleasant experience. She cleared her throat and coughed yet another time as if having trouble breathing. After this she seemed to calm however. "Hey--You. No more fighting. Got it??" she asked, prodding her stomach rather hard twice before decidedly distracting herself from the situation at hand to ask Mako the rather obvious question.

"...So why're you following us?" she asked. Her tone was actually rather friendly, if not ever so slightly strained from having her throat singed. She seemed amused by his presence, and almost seemed to have forgotten that she'd totally eaten a dude. How could Lucy be so casual about this sort of thing, even considering the world they lived in, and how many times had they met up now? Three? ...Four? She hadn't been keeping count, assuming that they'd be lucky to meet up twice. Mako was no longer a stranger, and Lucy wished to capitalize on the opportunity.

For the moment being, she wasn't acknowledging Koto, partially because she didn't want him to get the idea that he could just scorch her insides to make her do what he wanted. I mean, sure she could probably fight back against that, but did she want to? Distortion World /no/! She needed to establish that she was boss here, and hopefully from there she could try and get some sanity out of him. Hopefully.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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