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    Undercover in Unova Ch 17

    "I wish my hat wasn't all messed up. It would have added to the outfit to make me more inconspicuous. Stupid robot," Misty grumbled as she made her way casually over to the fence, where the Rockets had begun to take notice to her but didn't move from their post. She fingered the card key in her jacket pocket that Meowth had given her, remembering back to the conversation that had taken place before she left the bush.

    "Wait, you can't get past 'dem guards without some identification," Meowth was saying and pulled a card key out of seemingly nowhere. "Here, 'dis is a card key 'dat all members have to show 'dey're a part of Team Rocket." He handed her the card.

    Misty looked at the card uneasily. 'Where in the world was he holding that this whole time?' She took it anyways and put it in her pocket before looking at everyone. "Keep an eye out for the signal guys, and then you know what to do."

    They all nodded but Misty noticed that Ash looked like something was bothering him.

    "We'll get Pikachu and Ducklett back, don't worry," she soothed.

    "I know," he said but frowned. "Just... Be careful, okay Mist?" His voice was gentle and full of concern, a tone that surprised Misty. "Don't get used as the bait again."

    Memories of Team Rocket using "drastic measures" by making her the bait and directing her friend's attacks to hurt her came flooding back to her mind. She recalled how when it was all over, Ash had looked so concerned and relieved that she was okay.

    She smiled and winked at him. "Don't sweat it, I'll be fine. I'll be back out with Ducklett and Pikachu before you know it."

    Pulling out of her memory, Misty reached the entrance and two Rocket guards stood at attention. Before they could inquire about whom she was or what she was doing, she pulled the card out of her pocket and flashed it in front of their faces. They simply nodded with a bored look. Acting as if her heart wasn't hammering so hard that she swore they could hear it, she walked confidently past them.

    Before she was fully out of earshot she heard one of the guards mutter something to the other about Team Rocket having attractive new members. She shuddered and tried to ignore what was said. 'That guy had to be like 10 years older than me,' she thought, highly disturbed. Banishing the thought from her mind, she pushed her way inside the door and entered the base.

    She strode through the long hallway inside, her eyes grazing all of the closed doors. 'I can't just go through every room or the Rockets will get suspicious. I need to find the Pokemon and get out as soon as possible.' Passing by one door, she heard voices coming from inside. She stood outside of the door to listen.

    "We finally stole that Pikachu that we had been after for four years," a voice that Misty recognized as Jessie's said.

    "And we captured a Ducklett with it," James added.

    A deep voice rumbled with a tone of annoyance going on anger. "You mean to tell me that you sent me no Pokemon for four years because you had been after a PIKACHU? We could take a trip to the Viridian Forest in Kanto and capture a whole group of them."

    "This Pikachu is very special sir, more powerful than any other Pikachu. Believe me when I say that it was worth the wait," Jessie said.

    She heard the man with the booming voice sigh. "Fine and what about the Ducklett?"

    "Oh that's just one of the other twerp's Pokemon that we stole at the same time," James explained.

    There was silence for a moment before the deep voice was heard again. "Very well, the strength of these Pokemon will be tested later. In the meantime, get back to Nimbasa City where you belong!"

    "Yes sir," the two answered hastily before their footsteps could be heard heading toward the door. Misty rounded a corner before they left the room to avoid being seen and recognized by them. Sighing in relief, she looked down the hallway of the corner she had turned to see a Rocket standing guard in front of a door.

    'It's a long shot but I might as well try,' she thought and strode over to him confidently, trying to look professional. "Is this where the Pokemon are being held?" She asked.

    "Yeah," he answered, narrowing his eyes at her.

    Misty didn't back down. "I need to see some of the recently captured Pokemon, boss's orders," she stated.

    The man crossed his arms. "The boss told me not to let anyone but himself in this room. Why would he tell you to come in without informing me?"

    "I don't know because I didn't question his orders." She narrowed her eyes dangerously. "And neither should you."

    He hesitated for a moment before gaining an expression of unease and stepping aside. "Very well, go on in."

    She nodded curtly to the guard and entered the room, closing the door behind her. Inside, the room was dark but with enough light to see where she was going with the faint outlines of cages along the walls and the shadows of Pokemon moving inside of them. Squinting against the darkness, she continued down the rows until a cage by itself in the very back, illuminated by light filtering down from a small window caught her attention. Upon walking closer, she saw that Pikachu and Ducklett were inside. They became ecstatic upon noticing her.


    "Duck duck!"

    She kneeled down in front of the cage and held her finger to her lips in a hushing manor. "I'm going to get you out of here but keep it down so you're not heard."

    They nodded and put a lid on their excitement. Getting back to her feet, she tossed a Pokeball, sending out Momo.

    "Alooo~" it sang as it appeared.

    "Momo, use your Water Pulse through that little window, but try to keep it as quiet as possible," Misty whispered.

    The Pokemon aimed up to the window and did as it was directed, breaking the glass and launching the attack through to the outside with a powerful force. "Great, that should be good enough. Return Momo." She returned it to its Pokeball before swiftly finding something to hide behind and wait.

    After crouching down for a few minutes that felt like hours, a crash was heard on the far side of the building, making it tremble slightly from the shockwaves. More explosions were heard and suddenly the door crashed open and the guard stood in the doorway, his eyes searching the darkness. Before he could take a step into the room to search for her, another Rocket member ran up to him.

    "Come on," he said, "Giovanni wants us all to deal with the invaders."

    "Ah yes, finally some excitement." The guard grinned, glancing in the room a moment more before just forgetting about Misty and closing the door, running off with the other Rocket.

    Misty waited until she could no longer hear footsteps rushing through the hall and could instead only hear the rhythmic explosions and vibrations from the other side of the base. Finally, she got up and began fiddling with the lock, trying to find a way to open it. "Staryu, break the lock with your Rapid Spin," she said and sent it out.

    It spun and broke the lock off of the cage, making the door swing open with the impact. Pikachu and Ducklett leaped out and practically glomped Misty. She giggled quietly as the two stood on her shoulders, nuzzling her.

    "Alright Ducklett, I need you to carry Pikachu up to that window and carry both of you out of here," Misty said.

    They looked at her in bewildered worry.

    "Don't worry, after you two get away, I can just run out with the other Rockets to pretend like I'm helping out with the conflict and then just sneak away. But you two need to get out of here now."

    They nodded reluctantly as Ducklett then grabbed Pikachu with its feet and began to fly up toward the window. But before they could reach it, a powerful spark of electricity flickered next to them, which Ducklett narrowly avoided.

    "I'm afraid that you aren't going anywhere." The low booming voice that Misty had heard before sounded somewhere behind her.

    Her heart stopped. 'I've been discovered!'

    She spun around to see Jessie and James flanking a man with menacing eyes and a Persian beside him. In front of the group was a Rhyperior, a Magmorter and...

    'A Zapdos?!' Misty gasped inwardly. 'How in the world did Team Rocket get their hands on a Zapdos?!' She stared at the electric bird in awe and realized that it must have been the one that shot the electricity at Ducklett and Pikachu, who had now landed. The Pokemon stood in front of Misty protectively, Pikachu's cheeks sparking.

    "I don't think you realize the severity of your situation," the dark man stated, his cold eyes sending chills down Misty's spine.

    She realized that there was no point in trying to deny anything since she had been caught trying to free the Pokemon. "How did you know?" She asked.

    Jessie smirked at her with narrowed eyes. "Oh, we have our ways."

    'This is bad, I could probably take down Rhyperior and Magmorter but how could I take down a Zapdos with all water Pokemon?' She was grateful that she had left Togetic behind with Iris since things were starting to fall apart. Looking up toward the window, she took a deep breath and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Seel Seel, Seel Seel!"

    Ash's POV

    Ash and Cilan were directing their Pokemon as they battled against the many Rockets’ Pokemon. Soon after attacking the base, the members flooded out like a swarm of Beedrill protecting their hive.

    'What's taking Misty so long?' He wondered in irritation and worry. He wanted her to get out of there quickly for more reasons than one. "Keep up your attacks guys!" Ash encouraged. He and Cilan had sent out all of their Pokemon for the attack; they needed all of them to fight off the grunts.

    A single cry was heard above all of the fighting. "Seel Seel, Seel Seel!"

    Ash's heart plummeted as he heard the signal that he assigned to Misty being used. Something was wrong. He spun to face Cilan. "Cilan, Misty's in trouble!" He yelled.

    Cilan met his gaze. "I know Ash but that's Iris's job, we have to keep making a distraction."

    As if prompted, Ash caught sight of Iris swinging toward the base on a vine swifter than he had ever seen her swing. Although she was getting help, Ash still longed to go with Iris to help Misty himself. As they were about to get back into the heat of battle, another cry sounded.


    Cilan and Ash exchanged a wild glance. "I thought Meowth was safely hidden!" Ash cried.

    "I thought so too," Cilan said.

    "Meeeeeeoooowth!" He called again.

    "I'll go help Meowth, you stay here and keep up the distraction," Cilan told Ash before looking out at his Pokemon. "Pansage, come with me; the rest of you, keep up your attacks!" When Pansage made his way over to Cilan, the two ran off in the direction of Meowth's voice, which was back somewhere the way they had come.

    Ash clenched his teeth together as he stared in the direction of the base. "Come on you two," he muttered.

    Misty's POV

    Everyone in the room, including Giovanni, looked at Misty like she was a nut case as she screamed the imitation of the Pokemon. 'Perfect, that's exactly what they need to think.'

    "Has she got Beedrill in her brain?" James sputtered.

    Giovanni shook his head slowly before staring Misty down. "You're coming with me."

    "Not without a fight," Misty said and held up a Pokeball. "Let us go or I'll force my way out."

    Giovanni chuckled darkly. "I'd like to see you try little girl."

    Misty bared her teeth at his remark before sending out Gyarados. It roared menacingly upon release, making Jessie and James cringe but not even affecting Giovanni's expression.

    "Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!"

    The beast's jaw gaped even wider and a torrent of powerful water escaped its maw and headed toward Rhyperior and Magmorter.

    Giovanni didn't look the slightest bit worried. "Zapdos, Thunderbolt," he commanded coolly.

    Zapdos did as it was ordered and sent electricity up the water and to Gyarados, taking the hit from Hydro Pump itself, which barely produced any damage. Gyarados, on the other hand, was hit hard. It roared in agony as the electricity surged through its body and sent it crashing to the ground, fainted.

    "Gyarados!" Misty cried and ran to her fallen beast, wincing as the sparks that were still surging from its body buffeted her.

    Giovanni grinned. "Are you ready to give up or must I hurt more of your Pokemon?"

    Misty glowered at him. "I'll never give up!"



    They both snarled at Giovanni as he slowly approached Misty, who was still bent over her Pokemon. Reluctantly, she returned Gyarados and leaped up again with fire in her eyes, holding a Pokeballs. "Go Momo!" She sent out Alomomola to join Staryu; she didn't send Psyduck out for its own protection. She could only pray that that it would stay in the Pokeball this time.

    "Use your most powerful moves, all of you!" Misty ordered with a look of wild determination, her eyes burning like a turquoise fire.

    Momo and Ducklett used Water Pulse, Staryu went with a Bubblebeam, and Pikachu used Thunderbolt.

    As the attacks rushed toward the three Pokemon, Giovanni didn't even blink. "Thunder."

    Zapdos began to illuminate with electricity as a deep rumble was heard outside. The room was swallowed in complete darkness and Misty spun around to see that dark clouds had suddenly formed outside. Right as the attacks hit the three Pokemon, a huge flash of lightning crashed through the ceiling and struck, barely missing Misty. She covered her eyes with her hands as the overwhelming light blinded her. When it disappeared and the sky turned normal again, she slowly opened her eyes. When she did, horror chilled her bones as cold as a Blizzard attack.

    Staryu and Momo lay on the ground with electricity sparking from their bodies, knocked out cold with the devastating hit. Pikachu and Ducklett were still standing, having somehow avoided the Thunder attack. Misty's knees crumpled beneath her and she collapsed, leaning over her fallen Pokemon with forlorn eyes. 'It's so powerful...' She trembled uncontrollably as she saw the condition her Pokemon were in.

    She hardly noticed that Giovanni had walked over to her until his shadow fell upon her. "None of this would have been necessary if you would have come with me peacefully," he stated coldly. "I can't let you leave. Jessie and James informed me that you had deceived us even before this. You know too much about our plans." His voice turned threatening enough to scare a Squirtle out of its shell.

    Misty's blood ran cold. Her being the one to sneak inside the base was a mistake.

    "I'll take your Pokemon off your hands for you and heal them," he went on. "We'll take much better care of them than you did." He chuckled.

    Misty stared at her Pokemon miserably as she returned them to their Pokeballs. She felt numb with horror, losing the will to fight back.

    All of a sudden, Iris swung in through the gaping hole in the roof and landed beside Misty, glaring in defiance at Giovanni. "Leave Misty alone!" She yelled.

    "Axew!" Axew leaped out of Iris's hair and onto her head, mimicking its trainer's actions.

    "And you think that you can stop me?" Giovanni laughed.

    "Oh, I know I can!" Iris said and tossed two Pokeballs. "Excadrill, clear the way with Drill Run, Emolga, use Discharge on anyone around us!"

    The Pokemon did as they were ordered and slammed through Rhyperior and Magmorter, bowling them over as Zapdos flew up to dodge the attack. The Drill Run kept going and burst through the door, making their escape route bigger. Emolga shocked the human members of Team Rocket.

    "Come on, now's our chance," Iris said and looked down at Misty but the redhead didn't budge; she just stared into space with the same forlorn expression. Stifling a growl of impatience, Iris grabbed Misty's hand and yanked her off of the ground and began dragging her along as she ran, forcing her to run with her. Ducklett and Pikachu followed close behind.

    Giovanni finally began losing his cool as he recovered from being electrocuted. "After them," he snarled at his Pokemon and Jessie and James, who all followed in a hurry.

    Iris and Misty rushed through the halls as they headed for the entrance with Excadrill in the lead to knock people out of the way, Emolga floating beside them, and Pikachu and Ducklett riding on Misty's shoulders.

    "I see it! Just a little farther," Iris said breathlessly as the entrance came into view.

    "Stop them!" Giovanni yelled.

    Rocket members suddenly swarmed through all of the doors that lined the hallway and in from the entrance, surrounding them.

    "There's so many of them..." Misty murmured.

    "They're no problem for Excadrill," Iris said. "Excadrill, plow through them with another Drill Run."

    As Excadrill rushed toward the other Rockets, a group of them sent out Pokemon; some being water, grass, and fire types. Its attack didn't do much against the water and grass types as they resisted.

    "Attack!" The Rockets simultaneously ordered and their Pokemon shot attacks that knocked Excadrill out.

    "Excadrill!" Iris cried and ran to her Pokemon.

    Misty grimaced. 'The plan is falling apart and all the Pokemon are just getting hurt. I don't see any way that we can escape.'

    But Iris was more hopeful than Misty as she noticed a small window next to them. "Emolga, use Electro Ball to break the window!"

    Emolga did as it was directed and broke the window.

    One of the Rockets laughed. "What are you going to do? Use Minimize attack and squeeze through the window?"

    Iris just grinned before taking a deep breath. When she opened her mouth, out came her Axew imitation. "Axeeeeeeeewww!"

    Ash's POV

    'Where is Cilan?' Ash wondered in irritation as he continued to battle the seemingly endless waves of Rocket grunts. 'Who knew they had this many on their team?'

    Shortly after Cilan had left, the sky turned abruptly dark from its clear blue and a humongous lightning bolt crashed into the building. This worried Ash to no end since the lightning had struck where Misty's signal had come from and where Iris had disappeared to come to her aid. He had a horrible feeling that Misty was in grave danger.

    It took every ounce of his will power to not rush in and help, abandoning his post. Looking at the Pokemon, he realized that they were becoming very tired and most likely wouldn't be able to keep their battling up much longer.

    As Ash began contemplating whether he should stick to the plan or follow his instincts and rush in and help, he heard a shrill cry split the air.


    Ash's heart seemed to stop. That was Iris signaling that she needed help, which meant that both she and Misty were in trouble since she had been Misty's backup. Almost relieved that this allowed him to go in and help, he looked at his Pokemon. "Change of plan guys! We're going to force our way into the base. Clear the entrance."

    Misty’s POV

    The Rocket members all gained the same bewildered expressions that had been caused before when Misty imitated a Seel.

    Before anyone could react, the sound of attacks outside became harsher and nearer. Within seconds, Ash and his Pokemon paired with Cilan's burst into the room. When seeing that they were surrounded, Ash ordered the Pokemon to clear a pathway.

    Some grunts had enough sense to move aside while others got knocked down by the attacks as a gap was made to the entrance.

    "Come on guys," Ash called to them.

    As Iris and Misty escaped the circle and almost made it to the door, a bolt of electricity zapped the floor in front of the door, making the group stop abruptly. Zapdos flew in front of the entrance and glared at them, sparking as if daring them to come any closer.

    "Whoa. A Zapdos?" Ash gasped, obviously thinking the same thing that Misty had thought earlier.

    The Pokemon stared Zapdos down, prepared to battle, but they looked highly exhausted, Misty noticed with a grimace. They may be able to beat Zapdos but not easily.

    Before they could react, Giovanni stepped out of the crowd behind them, making them turn around to face him as he spoke. "You have made a mess of our base. You went through all of this trouble for a Pikachu and Ducklett?"

    Ash glared at him. "Those Pokemon are our friends and we would do anything to get them back. Let us go!"

    "You are hardly in the position to make demands. Your Pokemon are so exhausted that Zapdos could use a tiny Thundershock and they would fall over," Giovanni laughed. He ignored Ash and the Pokemon as they bristled at his remark and went on. "But I will admit that keeping you kids here will be more of a burden than anything." He hesitated for a moment. "Fine, you are free to leave."

    But before any of them could become happy or suspicious at his words, he continued.

    "You are all free to go, but you must leave her here." He pointed to Misty.

    Ash followed his finger, his eyebrows arching in surprised anger. "What?!"

    "She has meddled in Team Rocket's affairs for too long. She knows too much about our plans," Giovanni said.

    "What plans?" Misty huffed. "All I ever did with Team Rocket were pointless missions to catch Pokemon that failed miserably."

    Giovanni fixed her with his icy gaze. "I won't take any chances. I already made the mistake of underestimating a child a few years ago. I won't allow that to happen again. Either they go and you stay, or none of you can leave."

    Ash took a protective step in front of Misty, holding his arms out. "No way, we're not leaving without her!"

    "Yeah, we'll bust our way out of here!" Iris agreed.

    Misty knew what would happen. They would fight their hardest against the grunts' and Giovanni's Pokemon to fight their way out. They could win, although the chances looked very slim.

    'I can't cause any more pain to Pokemon because of my bad choices. I have to stop this now.'

    "Ash," she stated firmly, taking out her Pokeballs. He turned to face her and was surprised to find that she was shoving her Pokeballs in his face. "Take my Pokemon and leave, all of you."

    "Wh-wha-?!" He looked at her like he didn't know who she was anymore. "I can't leave you here! And I definitely can't take your Pokemon."

    She gave him a hard stare. "You can, and you will. My whole trip here was a mistake." She realized upon seeing hurt flash across his features that her words had come out wrong. "My trip was a mistake because it caused my Pokemon so much pain and it is all my fault. Azurill is gone and Gyarados, Staryu and, Momo wouldn't be in their condition if I hadn't resisted capture." Her eyes became pleading. "Please Ash, take my Pokemon and make sure they get healed and sent home to Daisy. There is no way to bust out of here without the Pokemon getting hurt. I'm a failure as a Pokemon trainer and a gym leader."

    Ash looked so stricken that it almost broke her heart. "I-I-"

    "Pikachupi pika!" Pikachu suddenly yelled and leaped down from Misty's shoulder.

    Since Misty heard her name spoken in Pikachu's tongue, she assumed that Pikachu was angry with her but when she looked down at him; his anger was directed toward Giovanni. A strange glow enveloped Pikachu as his cheeks sparked. "Pika..." He growled in a dangerously low voice.

    Giovanni simply laughed arrogantly. "You think you can stop me, rat?"

    A loud rumble cut off his words and made Misty spin to face the window. Just as she had suspected, the sky had turned dark. Upon glancing at Zapdos, she saw that it wasn't doing anything. Her attention was directed back toward Pikachu. 'Could it be?' She realized that there was a large chance that they would be pelted by the Thunder attack too; she braced herself.

    "Togeticu!" Togetic cried and flew in through the window.

    Misty shot it a panicked look. "Togetic, get out of here! It's too dangerous!"

    It ignored her words and began glowing. Just as a gargantuan flash of lightning crashed through the roof, a protective dome of light surrounded the group. Everyone shielded their eyes against the harsh flash. Misty didn't feel anything; that's all she knew. As the light dimmed and replaced the darkness outside with clear blue once again, Misty gasped at the sight.

    The group and all of their Pokemon were inside of a Safeguard bubble while all of the Rocket members and their Pokemon had fainted on the ground, fried comically from the electricity. A black burn was stained into the floor and the hole in the roof was significantly larger than the one Zapdos had made.

    "You protected us Togetic, thank you," Misty pulled Togetic into an embrace.

    "Amazing," Iris murmured and looked around at the disastrous damage caused.

    "What happened?" Ash asked.

    "I think Pikachu used Thunder attack. Isn't that right Pikachu?" Misty asked.

    Pikachu turned to them with a smile. "Pika!"

    "How'd Pikachu learn Thunder?" Ash gasped.

    "I think he saw how Zapdos did it," Misty mused.

    "Come on, let's get out of here before they wake up," Iris said and headed for the door.

    Ash and Misty followed hurriedly out of the base, their Pokemon close behind. As they exited, they passed a fainted Zapdos. ‘Wow! Pikachu was so powerful that it knocked out even Zapdos!’ There were no grunts outside since they had all followed Ash in to surround the intruders so the group was able to escape without any trouble. They made their way into the bushes back the way they had come.

    "You guys did amazing; I'll be sure to take you to the Pokemon Center as soon as we get to Nimbasa City. Return," Ash said and recalled all of them to their Pokeballs.

    "You really saved the day Pikachu," Misty said with a smile. "I didn't see us all getting out of there in any other way."

    Pikachu smiled and leaped onto her shoulder again, nuzzling her. She giggled and petted the Pokemon.

    Ash turned to her, his eyes grave as he took a few steps in her direction. Pikachu, seeing the seriousness in his trainer's eyes, leaped down from Misty's shoulder.

    Without a word, he grabbed her shoulders in a firm grip as if to keep her in place. "Misty, we need to talk about what happened back there," he said.

    "What's there to talk about?" She tried to shrug but with his grip holding her shoulders, it proved to be difficult.

    His eyes stared deep into hers, and she found that she couldn't turn away. "Don't ever think that you're a failure as a trainer! We all make mistakes sometimes and we get through it with our Pokemon," he stated, almost angrily.

    Misty frowned and averted her eyes as she felt tears threatening to obscure her vision. "But I've done so much wrong during this trip. I lost Azurill because I decided to surprise you with my visit and catch up to you rather than having you wait for me. If I had been with you guys, the Plasma guy probably never would have taken Azurill," she said, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat and made speaking and breathing difficult. "And after seeing how Zapdos had defeated Gyarados in one move, I knew that it was too powerful to defeat yet I still sent out Staryu and Momo against it. How could my Pokemon ever forgive me? I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't."

    He took a hand from her shoulder and cupped her chin, lifting it to hold her face in place and keep her from looking away. "Your Pokemon will forgive you for making a mistake, but they won't forgive you for giving them up," he said. "Promise me that you will never think about leaving your Pokemon again."

    Misty then realized that Team Plasma must have gotten to her head. She had felt that her Pokemon would be better off without her and was about to give them up as Ash had said; she would have been no better than the guy who abandoned his Sandile. She still felt horrible but she would feel much better once she could get her Pokemon healed. Nodding slowly, she replied, "I promise."

    They stayed like that in silence for a few moments with Ash's gaze beginning to soften. She saw him swallow as his eyes flickered down to his feet uneasily. Meeting her eyes again, he slowly leaned forward.

    "Hey, it's Cilan and Meowth!" Iris cried, making Ash jerked back abruptly. His face held a mixture of emotions as he took his hands from her face and shoulder. He turned away to see Cilan and Meowth making their way through the bushes toward them.

    Misty blinked rapidly, still feeling the after effects of drowning in his gaze. 'Was he about to...?' She shook her head. He was too dense. He would never make a move like that. Forcing the heavy blush to leave her cheeks at the thought, she turned to meet the returning team members.

    "Where were you guys?" Ash asked. "You went to go help Meowth and didn't come back."

    "Yeah, and you disappeared while we were supposed to be on watch," Iris said, her hands on her hips as she fixed Meowth with a suspicious gaze.

    "Sorry twi'yp, I was trying to find a bettah' lookout post when some Rockets spotted me and grabbed me. 'Dey had me cornered and 'dats when I called for help. I managed to get away before help came and had to run far away till 'dey stopped chasing me," Meowth told the story dramatically, as he usually did.

    "Yes, I did find you quite far away," Cilan commented.

    Meowth looked at Pikachu and Ducklett. "I see 'dat you succeeded. So I guess everything woy’ked out." He smiled cheerfully.

    "Eventually," Iris sighed.

    "What had gone wrong? It seemed like such a perfect plan." Cilan arched his eyebrows in surprise.

    "I don't know, I had been so careful and yet they found me. Jessie and James were there with the boss so I have the feeling that someone might have tipped them off," Misty said.

    "But who? Who else would have known about the plan?" Iris asked.

    Misty shrugged. "It was probably that guy standing guard at the door. He seemed pretty suspicious of me."

    "Well let's get as far from that place as we can. They might still be after you." Ash shot Misty a worried glance.

    "Gladly; but first there's something that I need to do," Misty said.

    Everyone looked at her in confusion as she began heading back toward the base.

    Ash was the first to run after her. "Misty get back-" he paused, his jaw dropping to the ground at the sight. "-here?" Misty was desecrating the Galvantula robot with her mallet, smashing every limb and destroying their guns that they had irresponsibly left behind. By the time she was done, it was nothing but a pile of junk metal with smoke emanating from it.

    She walked back over to the group with a twisted grin that was almost scary as she held the large hammer over her shoulder. "I'm just making sure that they can't pull that trick on us again so easily. Let's go." She put her mallet away and walked past them, humming.

    It took the group a minute to recover before following.

    "Let's get to Nimbasa already; it's taking ages to get there!" Misty groaned.

    "Yeah, I can't wait for my next gym battle!" Ash enthused.

    "Pi Pikachu!"

    "By the way Mist..."

    "Yeah Ash?" Misty blinked at him.

    "I'm never letting you put yourself in that much trouble again," Ash said.

    Misty smirked, feeling more like her old self again. "Oh really? And you think that you could stop me from doing it anyways?"

    "I'd sit on you if I had to." Ash flashed his trademark grin at her.

    Misty rolled her eyes but retained her playfulness. "I could easily shove you off."

    "You seemed to have a lot of trouble doing that when he rolled on you," Iris piped in and laughed uncontrollably.

    Their faces turned scarlet.

    "Ugh, don't remind me!" Misty cried. "Ash, the next time you decide to roll on me, I'll send you blasting off like Team Rocket."

    Meowth grumbled indignantly at this remark, making the group laugh. They continued down the road to Nimbasa City.
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