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Yo! Haven't been here for a while, sorry 'bout that but between my computer breaking down, buying a new one, brand new year, a lot of school work and exams, there's not much time I could spend >.>


What are your plans for Summer Vacation? And how's the school year been for you?

Eat, drink, sleep and use the computer. Been that way since I've got a computer.

The team I am currently stuck with 'til the very end.
The dream of a trainer,
Is that to be a Pokemon Master.
But, when those pokemon,
Become tools for that very Title,
Chosen, and then dicarded.
Does one deserve such a title?

Nuzlocke Challenge Accepted!
1. When a Pokemon faints, it dies.
No Revives
Dead Pokemon must be placed on a box called Heaven, or RNG Offerings
2. All Pokemon must be given nickNames
Those Pokemon are your family now! Leave them to die and you are a monster Bad person!
3.Catch only the first Pokemon you see in the area.
One can't go back and catch one again, even if the caught Pokemon is dead
My Clauses:
1. Duplicate Clause
When one encounters an already caught Pokemon, when may try again for 2 more tries. You're out of luck if it's still the same Pokemon after 3 encounters
2. Sacrifice Clause
When one encounters a shiny Pokemon, one must absolutely overkill it, if possible. One can then revive a dead Pokemon when one kills 5 sacrificeshinies
3. Notepad Clause
One can't change parties, unless a Pokemon dies