Thread: Development: Lua? In MY emulator?
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    It's likelier than you think!

    I forked VBA-M a few days ago to add scripting support and it just reached alpha level.
    You can download/star/subscribe the project at

    You'll have to compile it yourself, and I only have a linux machine to work with, so I don't know if it even works with windows.

    Anyway, here are some of the uses I imagine:
    • ROM-Hackers could write their gameplay in a proper programming language instead of pokescript.
    • ROM-Hackers could add features like multiplayer.
      1. Hacker X wants to know to something about offset Y but can't find where Y is used.
      2. X writes a script that triggers when Y is read and uploads it to a server
      3. Somewhere else, the lua-enabled emulator downloads that script and lets it interact with the game.
      4. When the script triggers it uploads a savegame to the server for X to analyze.

    I personally want to use it to get traces as nice html.

    Feedback? Bug-reports? Questions? Suggestions?
    Firered IDA 6.6 DB:
    VBA-M with lua scripting support
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