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Valorie Ryder - Cafeteria
Valorie was just thinking about what Drake had said when Kiyoko jumped into her hair, mildly startling her. What annoyed her however was how Kilik proceeded to pet Kiyoko as if she wasn't right there. Valorie glanced over her shoulder and just sort of narrowed her eyes slightly at Kilik as if to ask him what he thought he was doing.

...Kilik moved past and Valorie wriggled around, twisting to try and get ahold of the pokemon hanging from her wavy blonde locks. It took her a couple of tries before she could scoop Kiyoko up, at which point she promptly shifting him into her arms at chest level. She turned to address Drake. "Kiyoko's a bit sensitive about being captured." she explained quietly, glancing down at the zorua. "...He knows he's 'mine', but I think he might prefer if you refer to me by name." she finished in a slightly awkward tone, proceeding to hug Kiyoko against her and move to exit the infirmary.

She did briefly glance at Mana and Drake though. Gosh, wasn't she supposed to be the one recovering here? She made her way to the cafeteria where she peaked in and looked around. Food, food everywhere. Lines and buffets. Her mouth watered a bit, but she silently demanded self control from herself. She had a figure to watch, which meant not being a pig. Sigh.
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