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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
This is very unlikely because they would need to create a GTS in RSE and it's pointless to code for outdated software. This also being the reason why I think we'll never see Pokémon games in the Virtual Console, since connectivity has always been a huge part of Pokémon.

Also, Pokémon data from 3rd gen is incompatible with the later gens and needs to be converted to work properly. Really, the Pal Park was just a way to recreate a 3rd gen Pokémon in 4th gen with 4th gen data. Trading is a completely different matter, both games need to use the same code for Pokémon, and RSE has outdated code which is no longer used in the other games.
Well, I didn't really mean full on trades with the current systems with the GTS and everything (I apologize, I was in a hurry when I wrote that so I didn't exactly say what I meant). I think that a VC release with the official emulator patched to support connectivity via Wi-Fi as if it was a link cable for trades between VC Ruby/VC Sapphire and an app (or a feature in the emulator) that would be able to convert Gen 3 to Gen 6 Pokémon à-la Pal Park isn't that unrealistic . They have the specs for both formats after all, and they'll only have to adjust their emulator, not the games themselves.

(plus, they could reuse the Wi-Fi as link cable for more GBA VC releases, so... I'd call it an interesting investment)