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Talking about handhelds, I just noticed my 3DS has the screen scratches of doom. Only thing is, its not on the bottom screen. Oh no, this is something more notorious. I have 2 streaks of the exact same length on the top screen exactly where the bottom screen's plastic border is. My bottom screen is only rubbed by the stylus, but the pristine top screen is ruined forever. Not to mention it breaks the 3D a lot, ruining the magical gimmick of the console forever.
Edit: Next gen might just be a train wreck waiting to happen after all!
Basically, always online, no second hand games for the neXbox. Couple this rumor with the set top box rumor, and we have the worst possible situation forming up quite nicely. Have Sony do the same, and next gen is possibly gonna be the final straw. Good lord can I not wait for the meltdowns...

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