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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

    Lucia blinked as Mark hugged her but as Roberto moved forward Lucia made sure to glare at him causing him to pause and reluctantly to lean back against the wall. "Easy now." She stated as she pulled him off with a smile. "Stand tall and be calm and... SHE'S RIGHT THERE!" Lucia gasped out. Quickly she grabbed Mark by the shoulders. "Quick review, honest, friendly, don't take responsibility for anything bad, and see if she is free tomorrow for a date! Now go!" She said as she pushed Mark toward where she spotted Valorie and crossed her fingers as she sat back down.

    Tyro nodded happily, "YeahbeingwithatrainerisgreatandyoulistentothemandyougetfoodandyougetawarmbedandI'mnotsurewhatIwouldbelikewithouthatstuffbecauseit'sreallygoodright?"

    Diana blushed even brighter and moved forward again, letting her lips press against his belly while she closed her eyes slowly. It was weird actually... and strange too. She just hadn't felt like this before.
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