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Originally Posted by Lord_Storm View Post
It works pretty well, but I think I may try the Flare Blitz because it usually struggles to OHKO with neutral Fire Punch. I doubt I'll use Superpower though because it lowers Attack.
Superpower is actually important for Darmanitan so that it can hit bulky Normals like Snorlax (who has Thick Fat to reduce the damage Flare Blitz does to it), Porygon2 (who has Eviolite to buff its defenses) and any opponent who carries Air Balloon to avoid Earthquake (like Heatran, who's immune to Flare Blitz thanks to Flash Fire and Terrakion, who resists Flare Blitz). EQ is the safe option, though, and should only be used if you've broken your opponent's Air Balloons. And given the fact that Choice users aren't meant to stay in battle for long (they get in, attack, then get out), Superpower is still the better option.