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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Maybe they're gonna do like a general -theme- of music with their sound track. Like.. in the remake of Gen 2, it sort of feels more Asian esque imo. So perhaps they're gonna incorprate some sort of techno? I dunno, I just say techno, because... it feels techno themed to me.

I really hope that they'll have us have sort of a nostalgic blast and have remixed music~! Maybe like in a cameo battle?
This~! I'd especially love it if they were to put some kind of techno music there, especially something catchy and dance-y and whatnot(probably a weird way of wording it, oh well. XD).

As long as this generation has something catchy and that I can dance to, I'm good. n_n

Hard wind blows as the night is born
And the dark feels so safe
My body yearns for that need to start
Cause it's too hard to wait
We're going out tonight with something to prove
Take to the streets and let our demons loose
Put your hands up
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