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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
n FR/LG weren't overly popular and from the general fanbase, at the time people preferred R/S/E, iirc. HG/SS were popular, yes, but so was B/W and B2/W2, with the former getting a 30/30 rating (iirc??) and having made over a certain amount of sales in a short time. I can't remember much about it but it was popular. Nevertheless, people would still appreciate extra regions in these games and for them to do it in R/S remakes, too. :3

Yeah but the only issue is that they're both sooo far away from each other
It was 40/40 from Famitsu. And who knows how far away Unova is from this new region. If anything, the distance between them would be Sinnoh and Kanto far, but instead of a landmass that's seemingly there, there's an ocean. An ocean that's hopefully crossable.

Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
Seriously, am I the only one who doesn't want any more remakes? As much as I would love to revisit older regions, I'd rather do it in a B2/W2-esque sequel.
Nah. An RSE remake would be excellent, as I stated the new feel of the games need to also be expressed in an older region, for things not to be too alien. Which also why I stated at least Unova pops up, to make things a bit more comfortable when it comes to the OW at least.

One more thing about DLC regions and why I don't think they're happening: I just remembered a picture I've seen on Pokémemes destroying the idea for a Pokémon game with all regions. I don't exactly remember if it was its only point or just one of the many, but here it is: in GSC, you have Kanto, where the Gym leaders are stronger than the Pokémon league. Imagine if you had a third and a fourth region after this, each region having even stronger opponents? I'm not sure the games have a level cap high enough to accommodate all this while keeping it consistently challenging.
While I completely agree with this, the levels wouldn't be too huge a deal, as the next region can continue from a lower level of the E4 but finish with a higher one, and fluxate like that without being too troublesome. The AI can also improve for the lower leveled gyms, making them as equally challenging.

Isn't it supposed not to physically exist anymore? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Reshiram and Zekrom were two halves of the dragon's spirit, and Kyurem was what's left of its body.
Technically yes, but the way I seem them going with it, I can see 2 original formes, like the two incomplete ones.

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