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I personally feel that having something else in addition to having the Battle Subway would be the more ideal way to go, so something like what Nica's last post suggested would be fine for me. I hate to be another critic of the Battle Subway, but it just felt incredibly lackluster, and it offered just about nothing new for players that we already haven't really seen before. I could go on and on here, but I digress and it really isn't the point of this topic. XD

That being said though, I'd want something more...fancier than PWT, and more expansive. PWT was definitely a good start, what with battling past and current champions as well as past and current gym leaders, and it shook things up a bit because a lot of them were especially very challenging(I think their Pokemon were max EV'd? Unsure, though). Maybe something like this, but I'd like a lot more variety like in Battle Frontier.

If anything though, I'd like to have just a more challenging and more enjoyable version of Emerald's Battle Frontier. That's forever on my wish list.

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