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Took me a few days to win against Misty, playing nonstop - except some toilet and meal breaks - for like 8 hours a day, in my very first time battling her in PKM BLUE, which was also the very first PKM game I played when I was 8 or 9. Thought games were designed for people to win easily and did not take it seriously at all. Misty was the first tough enemy I fought, and the Starmie's Bubblebeam owned my team in an instant, giving that it had taken me quite an effort to finish Staryu before that.

Those were the days when only the animation of Water Gun, the moving pixels, the gym fight music and the irritation from hopeless attempts to win could haunt me in my dreams. After that there were a few more challenging battles, but the first experience is always the best.

We all wanna laugh!
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