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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
I was a member of the previous HS club, and I'm rejoining now:
==> Username: I like Pokemon (...)
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: I really can't decide! I usually go with whichever balances out the numbers, or if I'm a hero of Time (Derse dreamer) or hero of Mind (Prospit dreamer). For now... I'll go with Derse.
==> How far have you read: Completely up to date
==> Answer current topic: My favourite flash (excluding Cascade)... Hard to say. I really like Openbound, Myststuck and some of the trickster flashes for really making homestuck such an interactive piece of work... In terms of plot and music, I really like Prince of Heart: Rise up, Descend
and Caliborn: Enter as some of the big plot-pushing flashes off of the top of my head.

Can't wait for the 4x God Tier combo :p
Welcome! Adding you to Derse for now, then.

I know! I'm so excited, it's definitely going to be a flash animation. That's why he's taking so long time to update now... I hope they finally use the elusive song Penumbra Phantasm for this flash. It's never been fully shown, only hinted to in several other tracks. Remixed together with Doctor into Savior of the Waking World and Savior of the Dreaming Dead, it's been the theme for 2/4 human ascensions so far (John and Jade, while Dave and Rose got Green Sun, Vriska didn't really have one from what I can remember and Aradia got Megalovania).

Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Hmmm.... for flash animations I'd say either the Unite Synchronization flashes or Dave: Strife. Oh, and Accelerate was pretty cool. I also like the flash where Rose enters the medium. Theres soooo many good ones, lol. I like them all. :3
[S] Descend was the most epic thing before Cascade, imo. But I also really like [S] Wake and [S] Jade: Enter, because they show how trollDerse and trollProspit fell and the Bec Noir thing and give real "ahaaa!" experiences, imo.

I enjoy trying to fit different music tracks to animations :3
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