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    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    BW were DSi titles, and the DSi is incompatible with RSE. Still, there were no remakes.
    B/W are not DSi games. They are DSi Compatible but not made for the DSi. B2W2 are DSi and 3DS compatible. The only DSi game in existence was a picture taking game that got horrible reviews and didn't have a very long shelf life. All Gen 5 games are DS (original) titles.

    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    The only reason for remakes is to be able to catch all the Hoenn Pokémon again. It was the same thing with RS back then, the easiest way to catch all the Kanto Pokémon was just to create a remake of the first games. Same with DPPt and HGSS, there are barely any Johto Pokémon in the Sinnoh games so a remake was necessary. People who want remakes lie to themselves believing this wasn't the reason behind the creation of previous remakes, but it was. Seeing Hoenn in 3D isn't enough reason for a remake. It maybe isn't fair that Hoenn was the only region not depicted in semi-3D, but it would be greatly unfair if Hoenn was the only region among the old ones depicted in full 3D, especially when there's no reason why Hoenn should be so special to the Pokémon franchise.
    Actually the only reason to have Hoenn remade is for its story. Even if they don't have a large amount of Hoenn Pokemon in Gen 6, Almost 90% are available in Gen 5 with the last remaining 10% being in Gen 4 games are coded in game events. This excludes Gen 3's two Wifi Legends of course as those have never been given In Game events without the need to participate in some download even to unlock. So the only reason to remake Hoenn is for Graphic update and story update. Same can be said for Generation 1 games again as they are still on the same outdated graphics as Gen 3. Only thing we'd lose for the Gen 1 re-remakes is the Sevii Islands story which could be replaced with a different story altogether.

    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    If XY come out and there aren't many Hoenn Pokémon (like, there aren't at least 50 Pokémon from Hoenn), then I'll start believing there's a possibility of RSE remakes, but I'll still think they're unlikely because I think Gamefreak is done with the old regions. In fact, I think the only reason they created HGSS was because GSC were a huge success (way bigger than Hoenn was, for example) and the push for GSC remakes was much bigger than the nostalgia wave we're seeing with Hoenn right now. People wanted GSC remakes since before DP were released.
    HG/SS was remade to bring Johto back into the circle of connection same reason FR/LG were made. As stated, only reason to remake them would be to update graphics and story as you can transfer all the Hoenn Pokemon to Gen 6 through Gen 5. Majority of Hoenn Pokemon are found in Gen 5 alone. Starters and Key Legends (Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza) are only found in Gen 4 which is an easy transfer to Gen 5.