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    Volt rubbed an eye, sleepily getting up from his bed and tying his headband subconsciously. He looked at the time. 7:00... oh, it's early. I guess I shouldn't go back to bed, though... He looked around at the mediocre room. White, plaster walls surrounded him as he began a sloppy gait to the bathroom, brushing his teeth quickly... but also sleepily. Splashing some water on his face, he finally composed himself, changing and jogging to the cafeteria, armed only with a pencil as it was said on the loudspeaker.

    And a small, light bag of coins safely in his pocket, unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

    Sitting at a cafeteria table that was littered with small crumbs, he picked up some food (eggs, bacon, and sausage) and ate them heartily. Sure, the bacon was a smidge- just a really, really, small smidge- undercooked, but it definitely beat what he made for himself last night. He sighed. The ham and cheese sandwich hadn't made him full at all. In fact, it was a meager helping compared to the bountiful feast that he had now.

    Bountiful? What the heck am I thinking...?

    Moving on, he ate quickly, drinking down a final carton of milk before moving quickly up, now on his way to class. Well, probably a stop to his room first, and then he would go to class. He frowned. What time was it, anyway? Looking at the clock and seeing that it was 8 AM, he began a leisurely walk to homeroom. Might as well go at this point, with only thirty minutes. He might deviate a bit, though... Nah. Volt shook his head, and continued walking through the hallways, eventually arriving to class at 8:15 and taking a seat near a window, completely undisturbed... for the moment.
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