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Devils Never Cry, eh?

Well, they will when they see these epic fakemon entries.

Before I say anything, lemme make this clear - anybody can vote. Though it is mandatory for the participants to do so or they will face disqualification.

Alright, so this is it, guys. Imma post all entries here now. There ain't gonna be a poll. You guys will have to vote for the entry you like the most by posting in this thread. Your post will have to contain basic information as to why you picked a certain work over the other and any additional information you'd like to state. Try and be a little detailed with the reasoning, kay? :p

Details of the work will probably be enclosed in title tags. So hover over them to see the information, mmkay? And yes, I made miniature versions of the pics so I don't have to use spoiler tags in here (they're ugly imo). Click on them to view them in all their glory! List of participants as well as the rules can be read here. Oh, and if I missed something, PM me about it. Any changes in the description or anything of the sort, I mean. Do not post here or VM me.

« Entries »

Best of luck!

Excellent entries, guys. You all make me proud. <3;
Anyway, without further ado, let the voting commence!
Present for anyone who manages to know about the reference in the title, btw. :p

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