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    Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
    One more thing about DLC regions and why I don't think they're happening: I just remembered a picture I've seen on Pokémemes destroying the idea for a Pokémon game with all regions. I don't exactly remember if it was its only point or just one of the many, but here it is: in GSC, you have Kanto, where the Gym leaders are stronger than the Pokémon league. Imagine if you had a third and a fourth region after this, each region having even stronger opponents? I'm not sure the games have a level cap high enough to accommodate all this while keeping it consistently challenging.
    This could easily be resolved by treating each region as a pseudo fresh start. Sort of like what Ash does in the anime.

    So until you've defeated the elite four for a region you would be forced to leave your old pokemon behind (think customs stopping you at the gate) and would only be able to access them while you're in the old region. (or battling/trading over wifi) Then when you have defeated the elite four of the new region you can use any of your pokemon in the post-story (end game) section of that region.

    So each region would have the same levelling curve (lv 5 to lv 70 approx) during the story but as Elendil said the battle A.I could be improved with each region. (among other possibilities to increase difficulty)

    It has the benefit of creating a fresh start but keeping everything together in one package.
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