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|Kinder| Cherrygrove City
A Pokémon MMORPG was all that Geoff had ever wanted since around the third generation of games. The series was beckoning for it: interaction between other trainers, trading, questing together, and a fully immersive world beyond the pixel art that the games presented. The second Geoff heard of it, he waited for it to release. When it finally did, Geoff decided he was going to skip class for the day to get a jump start on the rest of the player base. It was just Intro to Psychology and Calculus II, would missing a day really be that big of a deal? The thought of having his own avatar and being able to choose where he wanted to adventure outweighed the responsibilities of class.

Now that decision was the worst he had ever made. It’s been a week since Deoxys appeared in the sky to tell the players of their fate. It was a weird feeling being trapped in a game with the only escape to beat it. Geoff never felt any rush to these games; he liked to sit back and grind his levels to make sure that he could easily defeat the tasks ahead of him, and so what if he whited out? Now whiting out meant he died in the real world, where his body was moved from his dorm room to the local hospital.

During a crisis like this, Geoff should probably be more concerned about his current situation, but Geoff was more worried about everyone finding out that he still liked Pokémon. The thought creeped into his mind as he walked around Cherrygrove City, but then he had a realization: There was no one around to please. He had to family here that he could disappoint, no friends who would ask for favors, just himself. Everything he could and should do here needs to be based his best interests. But that was a life filled with more silence and time for reflection than he’s normally faced with, and he didn’t like it.

The name |Kinder| floated above his head as he wandered around the city, looking someone other than the NPCs that he’s seen a hundred times now. He kept looking for the old man right at the entrance to Route 30, but this wasn’t the original games, and he wasn’t going to take you around the town to familiarize you with the Pokémon Center, the mart, the ocean, and his place. Geoff yearned for the Pokégear that he would have received; he wanted the map and the phone, but most of all he wanted the radio card that he could get in Goldenrod City. Music might be the only thing that would break the silence that is always around him.

The one friend that Geoff had was his starter Pokémon, his Snorunt. A friend that couldn’t have a conversation back with him, but at least it was someone to listen. Geoff picked him way before MAO released, he knew that there weren’t any good Ice-typed Pokémon in Johto, and it was a great type for fighting the gyms, as the only two he would be weak to were Cianwood and Olivine’s gyms. He decided to take her out of her Pokéball and walk around with her on his shoulder for awhile; he needed the companionship right now.

He could never tell the difference between the NPC characters and other real life players. He didn’t want to turn on the HUD and have names floating above anyone else’s head; it gave him a sense of fantasy to his predicament, and right now he doesn’t a reason to take risks that he could easily regret. As he continued walking around, a conversation caught his eye, and he knew that one of the people there was real.

“…for the mayor, you can receive a set of Pokégear!
“Awesome, thank you! I’ll head there right away!”

Geoff heard only 2 words from what he caught: mayor and Pokégear. He didn’t need any other information, he knew where he needed to go. This was the first time the running shoes he designed his avatar with actually game in handy, as he sprinted as fast as he could to reach the mayor. When he reached her his suspicions were confirmed: He needed to go to see Mr. Pokémon and bring back an item for her. If it was anything like the actual games, Geoff assumed that it was going to end up being a Pokémon egg. It didn’t matter what it would be here, he accepted the simple fetch quest.

Geoff made his way back to the entrance of Route 31 and stood there and stared. He hadn’t touched a Route since the announcement of his fate in here. He was scared, but the thought of getting his Pokégear gave him some new motivation. It wasn’t even a large reward, but it was enough to make him get off his butt and make himself do what he really needs to do to escape. He took his first step onward, with Snorunt still sitting on his shoulder, with his newfound motivation to take on the challenges thrown at him.

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