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    Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
    Nah. An RSE remake would be excellent, as I stated the new feel of the games need to also be expressed in an older region, for things not to be too alien. Which also why I stated at least Unova pops up, to make things a bit more comfortable when it comes to the OW at least.
    A sequel with a new story, but set in the same region could do just that too. Plus, more interesting for those who already played through Gen 3. I would love them to do the same thing to another region they already did to Kanto in GSC and Unova in B2W2: make us go through the region X years later and make us discover all the things that changed since the last visit. Even though Kanto in GSC wasn't that interesting, the fact that you visit it as a different person 3 years later is kinda cool, such approach offers a lot of opportunities in terms of story.

    Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
    While I completely agree with this, the levels wouldn't be too huge a deal, as the next region can continue from a lower level of the E4 but finish with a higher one, and fluxate like that without being too troublesome. The AI can also improve for the lower leveled gyms, making them as equally challenging.
    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    This could easily be resolved by treating each region as a pseudo fresh start. Sort of like what Ash does in the anime.
    So until you've defeated the elite four for a region you would be forced to leave your old pokemon behind (think customs stopping you at the gate) and would only be able to access them while you're in the old region.
    I prefer the former approach (lower level at the beginning, even higher level at the end) to the latter. Let's just say that what I always though Ash was dumb to leave a perfectly trained team behind every time he went to a new region, I'm too pragmatic to comprehend his reasons for doing that . But (sadly for people like me) I have to admit that Sabrewulf238's approach is better for two reasons:
    • Elendil's approach is still technically limited by the level cap
    • This would allow us to basically buy and play DLC in any order, and even skip the ones we don't want.
    And since I am one of those foolish people bent on filling the National Dex no matter what, I even get why this as DLC would be better than releasing each region as a new game, it's basically like sharing a Pokédex between multiple games. Could be cool.
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