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Originally Posted by naczkens View Post
Most of all the things I didn't like that much was just a tiny design issues.
F.ex. :
- if the player uses headbutt the snow should fall down from the tree,
- when the player slide at ice, he should end up in water (or was it impossible because of surf?)

Next group of these things - because I wanted to see more references to the Christmas time.
F.ex. :
- no christmas tree, no Santa and not even one Snowman (or maybe even some events linked with it f.ex. present under the tree)
- no christmas melodies / carrols
- some pokemon sprites could have some small changes (like stantler - which of course is a reindeer)

Third group: other ideas, or minor bugs:
- There sure are some more 3rd, 4th and 5th gen pokemon that would suit better than f.ex. Leafeon. You know they can't be all that powerful, because of the stability of all the story. But, if You would add these: Cubchoo, Beartic, Snover, Abomasnow, and Spheal family in place of similar powerful Fire pokemon, it would be even better.
- I don't know if You have fixed this, but some movesets are not perfect (best example is Glaceon which can't learn Return). What's more - the original nintendo movesets also had some logical problems (not all pokemon with claws can learn Cut).

Whew. That's all I remember for now.
I will tell something more after completing playing the hack.
With the headbutt and landing in water, I'm not sure how I could easily implement those, honestly. Although they do definitely make sense.

There are Christmas trees in most of the houses, although they don't really do anything. It could stand to have more Santa though, and Stantler could definitely use some changes (perhaps making his shiny form have a red nose like Rudolph).

I added Leafeon because it felt wrong to add one Eeveelution and not the other. Plus as someone pointed out on Skeetendo, in some parts of the world it is technically summer time at Christmas, which is why he appears on South Isle (where an NPC claims it is supposed to be summer, but Articuno has disrupted the weather). But I do agree that it could use more of the newer ice types. I'll look around and see who all I can replace.

I have already fixed Glaceon's moveset, but nice that you caught it and pointed it out. I may or may not add in the things like people learning CUT and whatnot that weren't in the original game, though. Obviously some of the movesets are a little off because of moves not existing, but in these cases, I've tried to either replace them with a similar move or take them out and adjust the levels they learn particular attacks so that the overall flow of leveling up and learning remains similar.

I think that covered everything you mentioned so far. I appreciate the feedback, and looking forward to seeing any other comments/critiques you have after your playthrough.

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