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I suspect CoroCoro will have the protags and the region, no actually I have no doubt that won't be shown. Something tells me that all 9 months will be used for slow but steady and oh so meaningful info. Something like what is to follow. As a note, 2-3 new Pokemon is a mandatory reveal, and in the end alongside with all of this we shall likely have 30 or so new Pokemon as per previous generations:
February-New Movie 16 Pokemon, Protag's, and region. These 3 are usually the base info along side the starters, and seeing how starters+legendaries(which are usually June info instead of April/May when it comes to gen 4/5 reveals) have already been given, the only thing left now is the basis.
March-Pokedex, Pokedevice, Battle changes. After covering the basics to the games when it comes to characters, we start to get into how everything works. The pokedex will get a feature as I suspect a huge reworking of it compared to the limp BW changes outside of the habitat list, the Pokedevice will get a small introduction with basic features outlined. Battle Changes would be whatever the new feature with bonding is, and we might get hints of other changes through screens.
April-Online bits and pieces, coverage of some sort of spinoff that works with the games.
May-Evil Team, more bits of the game that have changed, as the roller skates, more info on the bonding feature.
June-Media Blowout. Not too many things revealed, but thanks to E3 the majority of info will be here.

July,August, September, October will be about covering various characters, Professor, Gym Leaders, Rival, what not. Maybe some more features, but the gist of what changes we will get will all come in the upcoming months instead. Perhaps Battle Tower and such as well in these months.I feel there is much to be revealed compared to previous generations, even DP, and that the 10 month wait is justified by a deluge of info we will get each month, that might not even scratch much of the games surface. And I really hope the region gets revealed this month, it would be the ultimate driving force behind speculation, and could work for them brilliantly.

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