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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: food!

    Nami noticed Takumi had fallen asleep, but she resumed drinking the bloodbag anyway. [I]"He's kind of cute sleeping like this." Nami thought. He soon woke up from Nami's presence and a bubble popped on his nose which made Nami giggle, but then… she sensed something… something fimilair.

    His behavior made her notice "it". What Nami sensed was the fear Takumi had for her… something that was typical for creatures that weren't used to Youkai's, which meant Takumi really was a human. But this kind of made the Vampire girl upset. Not the fact that he was human, but the fact he was terrified by her. Was it really a good idea to sit here?

    "I sense fear…" Nami silently started to confront him with what she found out. "But I guess that is natural for humans," Nami said, only making Takumi able to hear it. "To be afraid of blood-drinking creatures." Nami tried to smell at him. Even though he was terrified by her nature form, she felt like no one else should know this. Humans weren't allowed on the Academy… atleast that is what she had heard.

    Nami heard a guy shouting at another guy behind her. Appearently that guy on the floor had tripped over something and trew his entire lunch over… wasn't that Solo? Nami sighed, she just knew that she wouldn't like that guy and would like to give him a beating… such an ego, disgusting.

    Nami turned back to Takumi, and the meat that was on his face earlear was suddenly gone. "Don't worry, you couldn't do anything about me finding out about your nature." Nami continued the topic. "Vampires just know who are humans and who aren't… but if you want me to leave now, please say so… I-I won't tell anyone anyway." Nami trew her empty bloodbag into a nearby trashcan. She felt like she had been talking too much and decided to keep shut for awhile. Nami wasn't hungry anymore and only stared at the pancakes.

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