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    Season 4: The Flashback

    Imagine this, if you will...

    Another flashback episode (almost in the style of "Cutie Mark Chronicles") has been rumored to be in Season 4 of MLP:FiM... That is the only available info at this time... This is where you come in...

    What could be this "flashback" episode in question

    Starswirl was Celestia's first protege. Like Twilight, he had a powerful grip over magic within himself.
    Slowly went mad as he hermitted himself away, doing nothing but studying and working.
    Celestia imprisons him in stone, not destroying him in the hope he could be saved one day.
    Twilight reminds Celestia much of Starswirl, and for that reason she makes one big change.
    She requires Twilight to make friends, hoping it can serve as a way to prevent what happened to Starswirl from befalling her.

    Possible Way for Episode to Go

    A possible way the episode would play out.
    Celestia walks into Starswirl's "lab"
    "Ahh! Celestia! So good to see you!"
    "You too, Starswirl. How go your studies of magic?"