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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
HG/SS was remade to bring Johto back into the circle of connection same reason FR/LG were made. As stated, only reason to remake them would be to update graphics and story as you can transfer all the Hoenn Pokemon to Gen 6 through Gen 5. Majority of Hoenn Pokemon are found in Gen 5 alone. Starters and Key Legends (Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza) are only found in Gen 4 which is an easy transfer to Gen 5.
Was Johto itself needed into the 'connection circle' though? No it was not, especially considering we could get pretty much every Johto Poke easily(minus a very select few) in the GBA games. We can't even directly trade between every regions anyways so that goes to show that it's probably the least of our worries. There was no real reason for HGSS aside from updating the graphics/little parts of the story(which aren't really big reasons themselves) and of course, most importantly of all, the money to be made.

If we're talking looks wise, then Kanto is already up-to-date(before we go full 3D with X & Y) with the region itself being included in HGSS. Hoenn (itself) has yet to be caught up in this sense.

Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
The ONLY significant question is whether or not Hoenn remakes would be profitable. GF is a for-profit company - if it'll be profitable, it's relatively safe to assume they'll do it. Your personal issues with the Hoenn games count for nothing in that decision.
I agree for once. If HGSS can be made to make money for the most part, then why must RSE be shunned? As I mentioned before, just because we can catch every poke and there is no real reason did not stop HGSS being made.

Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
Long story short, I as always, was trying to tell people that RSE remakes were never properly announced, and with Ruby and Sapphire being compatible by proxy with the current Gen (plus, being at the very beginning of the Pokémon timeline, thus not really contemporary with the current Gen, as was the case with the other remakes) , they aren't as likely to happen as people think... basically the same theory I've expressed a few pages back on this very topic.
I would go on to point out one thing that's wrong in that paragraph, but it would only lead to the chaos that is timeline talk, so I'll refrain from it.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?