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Academy Infirmary

Chapter Two: Part Seven
Cries for Attention

That boy patted his back, causing a slight jump, and he leaned in closer to Valorie. He said something about wanting to talk to Kiyoko, but the startling touching had lost his attention. What finally caught his attention back, however, was the scooping and hugging from Valorie. That was nice. Seeing as he was here now, he rested against her, simply watching the surroundings. As they went through a big door, the scent of many foods wafted through. Now, that was tempting. He remembered something Zoroark said to him once, about steak. He then remembered when he tasted it. Was that stuff here? Kiyoko found himself drooling slightly.



Chapter One: Part Ten
An (Un)Safe Arrival!

Rollout? Whitney decided she'd need some assistance here. "Command: Glasses - Pokedex!" The lens lit up once more, and scanned the battlefield, analyzing data of both Pidge and her opponent, Jello. It then explained just what Rollout was, adding in that it is a super-effective attack against Pidge. "Ah, crap! Pidge, Sand-attack!" The mighty Pidgeot flapped her large white wings, kicking up dirt and dust to blind the Solosis, but only shortly before getting hit by the Rollout, and crashing down quickly. "Uh-- Pidge! Fly!!" At her trainer's command, Pidge went soaring into the air, before coming back even more quickly to dive-bomb the Solosis.

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