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    Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
    What I think of your hack:
    Mapping:Okay, not bad, you can still improve that.
    Story/Scripting: So far actually good. I´m not an experienced hacker and I didn´t finish the hack yet, but I really like some of your ideas.
    Graphics: I HATE THE GRAS! Sorry, don´t wanna insult you, I just hate the gras you put there. Some may like, I don´t :D
    Jessie & James looked not good enough yet, also why do they give you their Meowth actually?
    What I liked are the sprites of Team Rocket. What you could add is "gender recognition": the policemen called my beautiful Rocket girl a man, not very nice
    I´m not sure if you did that with purpose or not: First of all, why did you choose Grimer as a starter? I think you can find a better one maybe. Besides, as I said above? Are your Pokemon meant to be not that strong? Since you´re a grunt who just started?
    Don´t wanna discourage you, I want to encourage you: There are already some nice ideas and I would love to play the hack when it´s finished in high quality. Good luck, buddy!
    Hahaha, I'm sorry but the Grass is going to stay, it's the official one from HG/SS so I want to keep it to keep up the aesthetic. They give you their Meowth under Giovanni's orders.
    I chose Grimer as a starter because it is a 2 stage Poison Type pokemon like Ekans and Koffing. I found that the difficulty level is just as difficult with Grimer in the medium stages, even though it provides a mild advantage when leaving the hideout. Additionally since it evolves at lvl 38, it is actually a risk to use it, as it will become very weak by the late stages.