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    It seems that about all I'm doing lately is Flying around and turning circles and fighting Excadrills.

    I'm at Victory Road, and I've been slowly working my way through there, but mostly what I'm doing is grinding and EV training and creating movesets, which requires lots of flying around to move tutors, which in turn requires lots of shards, which in turn requires shard farming in the caves, which means I encounter lots of Excadrills. And every day I have to stop in on Join Avenue, and fight at the Ferris Wheel, and buy stat-reducing berries, and check out all the Grottoes, and... Fly around. A lot.

    Route 23 was pretty good, though the music's a bit grating. The entrance to Victory Road was awesome - easily the best yet, with a nice sense of accomplishment without all the rigamarole of past gens. What I've seen of Victory Road so far has been great - I really like seeing multiple environments instead of just one tedious cave network. And I caught an amazing Adamant/Iron Fist Golurk in the first section, so that's good. But then that just became another thing I needed to EV train and create a moveset for, and I spent the last of my yellow shards on Drain Punch, so I'm going to have to go turn circles and hope for shards and fight Excadrills some more. Then get back to Victory Road. After I make my daily pass through Join Avenue. And check all the Grottoes.