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Oh! One last thing I wanted to say actually is this - just a wee thing to think about if you're the sorta person who feels down on Valentine's Day. It's not that there's anything at all wrong with feeling bitter or lonely, but I'd say that there are days which could be muuuuuch harder. Think of people who've lost parents, for example - the first mothers' or fathers' day after that will suck for them big-time. Or people who've lost twin siblings who are gonna be reminded of that every birthday they have. While it stings to see so many happy people in relationships, partners come and go. There are days dedicated to people who some of us are never gonna see again and who aren't replaceable. On the scale of things like this, I kinda feel like Valentine's is really insignificant. Again, nothing wrong with feeling how you feel. Just... a little perspective I guess.

Anyway - actually going now!
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